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First Aid & CPR

first aidNo human being on this planet is not effected by or involved in some level of First Aid or CPR in their lifetime. Some people on a nearly daily basis. In Australia we have quite a poor rate of recovery from CPR events and very slow if no response to many First Aid events. At Australian lifesaver training we are passionate about turning this around and making the best lifesaving training as available as possible to everyone. We are an active member of the Australian Resuscitation Council (NSW) and also work with many other large organisations to assist getting the message and education out to the population.


The first steps to improve our national figures and to improve our own ability to assist friends and family in times of a health emergency is to know and be competent in First Aid & CPR.


Our courses are tailored to our audience and engage the learner in the most relevant way to provide a comfortable and easy to participate in fun learning experience. You will leave our session feeling more knowledgeable – competent and confident that you could comfortably assist with a medical situation if ever needed. You will feel proud !

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